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Research centers

Psychiatry and Psychiatry Research Center (PPRC)

Psychiatry and Psychiatry Research Center (PPRC) was established in 2003. The research center is located in roozbeh Psychiatry Hospital. PPRC  is designed to promote research in psychiatry and related fields.

 PPRC consists of departments including, Psychopathology, biological psychiatry, cross-cultural psychiatry, psychopharmacology, social & community psychiatry, epidemiology, child & adolescent psychiatry, psychotherapy, neuropsychiatry, psychology, spiritual therapy  as well as animal studies in psychiatry and psychology. 

The main goals of PPRC are to perform the clinical researches for society health improvement; to perform the fundamental researches for with aim of expanding knowledge; to train scholars; to present guide lines according to the researches results; to achieve to the novel methods and advanced diagnostic-therapeutic technology; and finally to develop the scientific communications with credible research centers. It pursues its mission through a highly trained, knowledgeable and committed staff.

PPRC has been publishing a quarterly journal for many years. Iranian Journal of Psychiatry is a peer review scientific Journal, which creates a platform to share the newest information newest findings in psychiatric researches.

The Iranian National Center for Addiction Studies (INCAS)

The Iranian National Center for Addiction Studies (INCAS) is considered as the main body of research in addiction in Iran and is affiliated to the Tehran University of Medical Sciences. This center has been endorsed by two authorities: the National Drug Control Headquarters in 2001 and the National Council for the Development of Medical Science Universities in 2003.

In the last decade, the centers main visions have been:

  • Decreasing the burden of addiction in the country through production and dissemination of the required knowledge

  • Providing major contribution to the global science production in the field of addiction

Ongoing projects

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Latest Scientific Publications

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